Mixon or Anderson

Would you rather have CJ Anderson or Joe Mixon for the rest of the year?

Gut instinct, Mixon just because CJ tends to get hurt.

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All things equal I’d take CJ. Mixon is a stud for sure, but when is he going to get the workload… no one knows. CJ is getting the carries and has been playing well. I’ll take the sure fire thing over the possibility of Mixon exploding. I believe Mixon is the better RB for sure, but for fantasy purposes, if I had to pick one I go with CJ.

You say that but Mixon had 18 carries last week and saw over 50% of the snaps whereas Jamaal Charles had more carries than CJ last week.

Sure, there’s always a chance that Mixon will pull ahead. CJ is currently (small sample size I know) the 10th ranked RB in .5ppr leagues. Mixon is 36. CJ is proven and you know what you’ll get with him. Mixon is an unknown. He might be phenomenal, or they might ease him into the role this year constantly limiting his carries. I look at it like this… if I was drafting right now, which player would I want on my team? I’d draft CJ as a starting RB over Mixon. I’d want the consistency of CJ and if possible, stash Mixon for when he does get the starting roll and the majority of carries. CJ is an injury risk, but you can’t play assuming an injury. If you put both guys side by side and ask me to pick one, I pick CJ.

Yeah I see where you are coming from. Right now CJ is my 3rd RB so that does weigh in a little more in accepting a trade for Mixon though. I can afford now to get rid a guy to go after higher upside IMO but all of your points make since.