Mixon or Baldwin?

2 player keeper, 12 teams, no penalties. I’m the first overall pick, taking Barkley. Keeping Dalvin cook. Should I keep mixon or Baldwin? Also have Robinson

Baldwin. Guaranteed work, assuming health. Seahawks are missing 200+ targets comparing 2018 to 2017.

Agreed Baldwin will be solid this year, has a chance to be really good if he gets in the endzone more which is likely given the target volume he’ll likely get and the lack of Graham there for endzone passing work

I’d probably keep Mixon and take WRs with my 2nd and 3rd.

I do think that it could be a big year for Baldwin. They gutted the defence in Seattle, and the oline isn’t much better. I know people think they want to be a run first team, but bad d on bad oline mean playing from behind.

Probably taking Mixon so you have 3 starting 3-down RBs which is hard to do in a keeper format. Also expecting to Mixon eventually perform next year if not this year so you’ll be able to keep him again next year.

Then would target drafting WRs with your early picks.