Mixon or Cam

In a 12 team, standard, 2 keeper league (no penalties), with Kamara in the 13th as my first keeper. For my second i’ve got the option of Mixon in the 3rd or Cam in the 6th. I traded Deshaun Watson last season the day before his injury for an extra second round pick this season as well. The top available RB’s in this draft will be Barkley, Freeman, Mckinnon, Collins, Guice, and Penny. Pick 1.1 is already assigned and will likely take Barkley off the board. I feel like Mixon has potential to let me down and if i take Cam instead i can still grab two top 15 RBs and a low end WR1 before the third. Idk…what do ya’ll think? Thanks

Both go at the exact same round in redraft leagues. So since there’s no extra value in choosing Cam, I’d easily go Mixon here. You can easily get a QB in the double digit rounds or stream the position. Use your 3 picks in the first 2 rounds to grab a pair of WR1’s and an extra solid RB

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