Mixon Or Damien Williams ??

Full ppr league just been offered mixon for Damien Williams

Is it keeper or one year? That’s a tough one. I think Mixon is way safer, but Williams has more upside. Id keep Mixon though, the risk of Williams is not worth the difference between their ceilings.

I would take Damien if you look at his stats the games he played he had more yrds per game and more tds than Hunt. I might be wrong but i thin i have the numbers right.

He’s also never seen more than 120 touches on a season. Or something like that. Mixon led the conference in yards. I just think the risk on Williams is fairly high.

That’s true if you want safe or picking based on their floor i would go with Mixon. I think Williams has much more upside and Williams is on the better offense. Also Mixon’s O-line is worry plus has to play both the ravens and steelers twice.

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help me please

Id do it just because you get Hopkins. He’s a top tier guy. Who cares about qbs