Mixon or McCaffery 2018


half ppr



any ppr mccaff, std mix

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I am concerned by the Panther’s O-line injuries. But also encouraged because he was used more often when Olsen was out of the game. I think we saw his floor week 1 which in any PPR format I am OK with.

Mixon looks like he can finish as a top 5 back this year, but we haven’t seen it consistently like we have from CMC. I would hold onto CMC in all formats now but if Dalton and the O-line in Cincinnati can hold up and improve I would look to swap.

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PPR - CMac - with Olsen out, we’re going to see him get 100+ targets pretty easily. And he’s also now getting more carries and goal line work.

Half PPR - Much closer but I’m still going CMac, cause end of the day targets are just worth a lot more and I think CMac can easily have double what Mixon gets.

Standard - Mixon. Mixon is a better runner. Both lines are pretty awful. And mixon is the goal line back here whereas CMac is the 2nd goal line back after cam.

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@MikeMeUpp @tkm35 Thanks guys, Mixon looks like the truth, I have a lot of CMC this year, but im considering throwing him out for mixon in every league where I have him

I am a Mixon believer. Have always loved the talent. Actually had him ranked above Zeke coming out of college but Zeke had a better landing spot. Having said that, need to temper expectations slightly given it was the colts. Need to see how he does vs tougher matchups.

In a PPR, I think CMac out shines him by quite a bit. I prefer CMac in half as well but honestly, it’s so close I wouldn’t fight you if you prefer Mixon.

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