Mixon or Mckinnon

Ive found myself having to decide between these 2 in the back of the 2nd round alot in my .5prr 12 team mocks. Ive been leaning Mixon but wanted to know the footclans thoughts on this.

To much HYPE around Mckinnon. I would go Mixon! I believe he will finish in the top 5 rbs and has a great shot at being the number 1 overall. He dropped weight and the OL is upgraded. And one more thing CIN running attempts every year are ridiculous.

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The Bengals are a bad team in an increasingly developing division. The 49ers are looking a lot better. When I’m stuck between two players, give me the one on the better team.


I’ve found myself with the same dilemma. I think Mckinnon is more solid because of all the catches he will most likely get, but I think Mixon is a better RB with a higher ceiling. That being said the Cincy O-line, while upgraded slightly isn’t that great ranked 26/32 on PFF. Probably splitting hairs between the 2 when all said and done…

whats funny is @Rindos1028 says too much hype around mckinnon, i say the same thing about mixon lol. only his hype has carried over since last year. im just not a believer in a marv led RB. mckinnon has everthing in his corner that mixon doesnt. prominent play caller who likes to use his RBs, and really thats all he has that mixon doesnt. and thats all that really matters. it doesnt matter how talented you are, if you dont get the ball. dont get me wrong, mixon will get the ball. he will make plays and be valuable at times. but i dont see him ever being more than RB20 with the bengals, or really more with marv. you may also have noticed that my point for mckinnon isnt even me talking about him, its talking about mixon. thats how little faith i have in mixon doing well with them. its not even an argument about mckinnons talents, its just all about the bengals RB woes. i will say, of the 2 mixon ha s the higher ceiling. because he can be THE RB1. i just dont think he has any shot of that with the bengals.

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I agree with this completely, i kept drafting mixon in mocks over Mckinnon but it was solely on the players ability in my mind and i was forgetting opportunity plays a bigger role over talent in most cases.

In Marvs 15 years as coach he averages 448 rushing attempts per year that’s including last year where they only had 377, which is also the worst since he had been coach. The opportunity WILL be there for Mixon