Mixon or Morris need help

Debating who to start, my teams in the playoffs but with a win this week I’ll get a 1st round bye. Just asking what you guys think, my other RBs are Kamara and Jordan Howard. So wondering who to start in my flex, either Joe Mixon against PITor Alfred Morris against the Redskins.

That is tough! I feel strongly about Dallas getting back on track and would roll with Morris. The only reason is because everyone has been calling for a breakout for weeks from Mixon and he finally had ONE good game. I think for Dallas to get back to winning ways they need to commit to the run game.

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The Redskins have a pretty solid D-line. That DE Kerrigan has been beating whoever is across from him. Both the Cowboys and maybe the Redskins will be playing from behind. So I like Mixon’s involvement in both positive and negative game scripts.

I like Morris more 2nite. It’s a divisional game and Dallas will run the skins down. Minion is the more talented back but going against pitt will be tough

Thank you guys a ton, earlier I was leaning more towards mixon but now I’m thinking of starting Morris instead. Good luck in your leagues!

I’d say Mixon. Pitts is a tough D for sure but add in the fact that Williams exploited them last week and I think Mixon can get enough done. I just don’t trust Morris or the Dallas offense enough yet. Mixon at least has a decent floor.