Mixon or Sanders? Late 1st round decisions

With Josh Jacobs as a keeper, and having back to back picks at end first and begin 2nd, do you take upside with Sanders or do you go with Mixon who has proved himself but still might have a tough stretch with that O-line? Could get both but with opportunity to have Mahomes and with 2 stud backs is too good to take up that early in a draft.

You’re definitely splitting hairs when deciding between these 2.

I’d prefer Sanders because of the receiving upside he offers, the fact that it might take a little time for the Bengal’s offense to gel with a rookie QB whose had a shortened offseason, and the (albeit very slim) chance that Mixon decides to holdout for a new deal.

Best of luck!


Yeesh. Definitely a toughie there. I’m gonna go ahead and go with Mixon. I think he’s a real life top 8 RB. He’s on an offense with so many weapons and, despite the questionable bengals OL, the teams will have to respect the pass. Also, a young QB’s best friend is a short pass to the TE or RB. I expect Mixon to catch a lotta short passes this season. I like Miles Sanders a lot as well and don’t think you’ll go wrong with either pick.

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