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Mixon or T. West


Full point PPR league. Right now I’m leaning West just because I’m not sure how many touches Mixon will get.


idk personally i kind of feel like swinging for the fences with this rookie RB class


I feel ya. My gut says that Mixon will have a few big plays that will make him worth the start despite limited touches. Mixon will definitely be a force by week 6. I just think West is a safer play.


How’s your matchup looking? If you need upside to catch up, it’s Mixon for sure. If you just need to hold serve and it put up goose eggs, it’s West.


I’m looking pretty good. I got Mariota, Dez, Julio, Crabtree, Montgomery, Ertz. Ajayi is off which is putting me in a bind. He had Gronk and cooks already play which is good for me. He does have L. Bell and Wilson but other than that, his lineup shouldn’t be a problem