Mixon out rest of game!

WOW. Not good for those depending on him tonight!!! DAMN!!!

Oh, but for those of us who were playing against him…relief!

I got less than 15 points from Cooks, Evans and Crowder, had Alex Smith score almost 40 against me…and now it looks like I’m going to hang on for a miracle win to wrap up no worse than the 2nd seed.

Yeah…this has been an incredible week for those ending their regular FFB seasons!!! I had pretty much made it in by the skin of my teeth, but was really sweating it tonight. My opponent had AB and Mixon. Didn’t know whether to trust the AB IR or not. BUT…now with Mixon out…DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!!! LOL (not expecting a miracle from AB at this point!!!)

OK, question for you. We have another week of regular season and our payoffs are just weeks 15 and 16. Whether I win or lose, I’ll be the 2nd seed. It’s possible I could get the top seed, but very unlikely. I have Gronk and don’t really want to drop anyone to get another TE. Is it unethical of me to play a week without a TE? I mean, I usually tell everyone they should field the best team possible every week, but in this case it might hurt me to drop a bench player just to get a TE to plug in for a week.

As long as you’re not conspiring/collabarating to play dirty against your opponent I don’t see how it could be “unethical” to do what you feel is the best for your own team!!! If you feel you would be fine without a TE then go for it. You’re the COACH, OWNER, MANAGER!!! You are trying to make the best team possible!!! You make the decisions. Go for it buddy!!!

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Think about it this way: Many times team owners inadvertently neglect to swap players from their starting and bench. Whether because they just have a busy, busy week and don’-t get the chance to check their line-ups or maybe something comes up in their personal lives that takes precedence. It is what it is…it’s your team…as long as you’re not trying to bring another team into play…it’s your decision what you do with your team!!! PERIOD!!!

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I completely agree. When I think of all the cheap wins people have gotten (me included) because someone didn’t set their lineup, there’s no good reason for me to drop some potentially valuable guy I may lean on in the playoffs just to get a one-week rental to fill Gronk’s spot.

Yep. There ya go.