Mixon + Rudolph for Diggs + Baldwin

I have Diggs and Baldwin and have an offer for Mixon and rudolph.

RB: Melvin Gordon, Kerryon Johnson, Powell, Lindsay,
WR: Keenan Allen, Diggs, Kupp, Cole, Baldwin.
TE: Burton.

I think i can use rudolph this week then possibly flip him to another guy with lindsay for a golden tate or John brown or even to someone else for Corey davis.


You’re leaving yourself super thin at WR if you do that trade, especially where Rudolph is only a rental and you can’t cast any certainty on those trades after this week. I’d rather have Diggs than any of the WRs you mentioned.

So if I package say Kupp and baldwin ? Think that is better ? He wants wr help and i think i need rb help.

I don’t really like it. I think you can flip other guys on your team for someone like Lynch maybe. Someone around Mixon’s level for sure - but you also don’t really have to Lindsay and Kerryon may be plenty. And I think Rudolph is a downgrade at TE marginally - if there’s any difference at all it’s marginal regardless.

Plus, I think Diggs is going to keep breaking out, and I think Baldwin and Russell will get right back to work week. They are a longstanding deadly combo. Wilson knows how to protect him on the field too and won’t throw slants across the middle of the field to him.

He just threw in demaryius Thomas

So Diggs baldwin
Mixon Rudolph Thomas

Or I’m thinking kupp baldwin
Mixon Rudolph

That gives me a possible trade candidate for next week plus I’m trading two flexes for a rb 1/2 in like the idea of