Mixon This Week

Is he a risky start? Full PPR. A healthy Mixon would feast! But it sounds like they are going to ease him back in. I dont know how with Gio out though. I have D. Freeman on the bench and Lynch as well. I’m leaning lynch though honestly. Any thoughts?

What are your other options? I’m going with John Brown over Mixon in the flex because I’m worried they are going to limit Mixon.

Fire Mixon up…He is good2go and Gio is out…
Should see heavy workload…


I don’t think Mixon will be limited unless it turns into a complete blow out, which I don’t see happening. There’s nothing behind him so they are depending on him to be the guy. Also, he isn’t on the injury report at all anymore. I’d play Mixon.

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I’ve just swapped Mixon into my flex for tomorrow with the news in Gio being out for 2-4 weeks I agree with the guys unless the bengals are up big by the 3rd then I don’t see any major limitations.

I was planning to sit Mixon one more week to be safe, but when I checked reports from Bengals beat reporters I put him in my lineup.

I am eagerly firing him up

I’m starting Mixon as well. With Gio out- they’re going to need Mixon. He was heavily involved the first 2 weeks before the injury, I think Sunday will be more of the same.