Mixon trade help plz

I am being offered Waller and R. Freeman for Joe Mixon and Tevin Coleman. Thoughts?

Big hell no from me.


Even though the Bengals are awful and Mixon hasn’t been great?

Mixon is still the workhorse. R. Freeman is in a 50/50 split and isn’t very good. I’d prefer Coleman over Freeman too. So basically you are trading a RB1/2 and RB2/Flex for a Flex/Bench and a TE. It isn’t something I would think about doing as tough as it is to find workhorse RB’s

I’d agree, Mixon’s level of work is still better than replacement with Waller and Royce. To say the least they’re asking for both Mixon and Tevin… We don’t know what Tevin will do, but SF’s run game can support at least 2 RBs with decent numbers. I don’t think Royce is all that good.

I mean it kind of depends. If you have like George Kittle or even Will Dissley at TE, then I would deny that trade so hard. But if you have like OJ Howard or some other useless TE that only gets you maybe 5 points a week, then you should consider it, especially if you have plenty of RB depth to make up for it. If you have a halfway decent TE and not enough RB depth, then absolutely not.

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If he needs a TE that bad then Coleman should be enough for Waller IMO. He shouldn’t have to give up both Mixon and Coleman for Waller.

Even if this is the case, at most it’d be Mixon for both those guys, and not both mixon and Tevin. Plus there has to be relatively ok replacement TEs on the WW - Knox, Graham, Everett, Ben Watson, Herndon, etc.

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Yeah I have Oj Howard haha. Honestly the thing I want the most is Waller, he seems to really want Coleman

Also, I have Carson, Mack, Mixon, and Coleman as my running backs.

Then offer him Coleman for Waller straight up.

It’s not just Mixon and Coleman for Waller, he also gets Royce freeman, and as pathetic as it is, Royce is higher ranked (at least in my league) than Mixon by 5. Honestly you could Make the argument that you’re upgrading your RB and giving up a debatably valuable RB for a top 5 TE.

Yeah I’d go Coleman for Waller, then go from there

If you really think Royce Freeman is more valuable than Joe Mixon I am sure I can find an open spot for you in my league next year.

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I dunno, all of those guys have injury issues, so I’d keep depth in RB. I like em all , but we haven’t seen Tevin’s real value yet (that RBBC is hard to predict until they play) and Carson could lose touches to Penny if he gets hurt (which seems inevitable the way he runs). Mack is already dinged up. Waller seems like a luxury to me. What’s on WW for TEs? Does he have better RB he’d give up?

I’m just telling you the numbers dude. Mixon has been putrid this year, not all due to his fault, mostly thanks to the O line, but still. And his schedule is only going to get tougher, with the occasional easy matchup here and there. I’m not saying Freeman for Mixon straight up is a good value, I’m saying if he needs TE help, giving up Mixon for Freeman isn’t a stupid move if he wants Waller

In my half pt ppr Mixon is 3 pts behind. I don’t think Mixon is doing that badly. Also he has the lionshare of snaps over Royce who is in a RBBC. I just think Mixon has a better ceiling and relatively the same floor if not better than Royce.

I agree, except when you say that Mixon isn’t doing that badly, since I drafted him to be an RB1 in one league and an RB2 in another and he’s been a low end RB2 at best. He’s been very disappointing. But I agree he’s got a better ceiling and around the same floor, which goes back to the original point of this thread. Everyone here seems to be talking like he’s giving up Mixon and Coleman only for the Wallerus like Royce freeman is completely and utterly fantasy irrelevant. He isn’t. I probably wouldn’t make this trade personally, since there are probably halfway decent options on the waivers and Howard has been doing slightly better than bad these last couple weeks, but if his best option on the waivers is freaking Tre Burton or Kyle Rudolph or something, then I think he’d be justified making the swap.

He is fantasy irrelevant for this guy. He has Carson and Mack as his top 2 RB’s. When is Freeman going to play besides for the 2 bye weeks for those 2 guys? If Mixon has a good matchup or turns his season around then he will be a better start than those 2 guys at least a handful of times. Only way Freeman becomes dependable is if Lindsey gets hurt. Trading away a guy who has potential to be a true RB1 (was #9 RB last year), for a guy who has RB2 (max, but more of a flex play most weeks was the solid #47 RB last year) when you don’t truly need them is a silly trade. He is basically trading away 2 running backs with a higher potential for a pretty good TE and a RB that will sit on his bench besides 2 weeks of the season.


Agree to disagree lol