Mixon trade help!

I’m trying to get Joe Mixon and I was thinking of offering Lynch or Hyde with Dion Lewis is that a good offer and who would u rather have between Hyde and Lynch ROS full ppr

You could offer me all 3 and I’d probably still want to keep Mixon lol; so, any combo that will get you Mixon is worth doing

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Unfortunately i dont think you will land mixon with those guys. If you do then by all means but if i had mixon and got that, id be shaking my head no

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I was offered Mixon or Zeke for Adams and Lynch is that a good deal or should I try to get a WR2-3 also??

I’m a Mixon owner and people have been trying to target him from me… I also have Melvin Gordon & Kareem Hunt but no offer has had me 100% sold.
Even with his possibility for reinjury.

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I was just offered Mixon and rivers for Brees and Hyde. Not sure if I want to do it because Brees has a great playoff schedule I have Melvin Gordon and Sony Michel too

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In ur opinion who should I try to shop or do a 2 for 1 for an upgrade at WR or RB
RBs: Kamara Hyde Lynch AP Lewis Foreman
WRs: Adams Gordon Edelman Ridley Coutee
I’m trying to upgrade either position I’m thinking of pairing Gordon and a RB for a better player… should I?

I’d wait til after this week at least to make any decisions with Gordon.
He’s going to be getting into stride… Has more practices with the squad… He might start playing New England’s & Brady’s game more and really blow up.
New England has a near-full strength offense now which we didn’t get to see a whole lot. This is a key matchup.

But after this week even if you don’t want to hold onto him he very likely is going to have a way higher value than currently since this is such a plus matchup for his play style.

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Good enough to play him over Ridley this week? I’m playing Adams and Edelman as my WRs

Maybe I’m not understanding…
But I’d play Gordon over Ridley this week.

I don’t have the same investment though. I’m playing Ridley over Watkins…
But for upsides?
Similar over/unders. Both looking to be shootouts. Two high octane offenses with bad defenses.
I think Gordon is the more talented player with less people of the same caliber next to him.
Ridley has to compete with Sanu & Julio Jones.
They have to get Jones into the gameplan. Sanu is sneaky. Ridley could be a bust.

Gordon basically has Edelman to worry about and Brady is going to have to spread the ball around.

I personally would take Gordon > Ridley.

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Is my lineup good? Full ppr
QB Mahomes
RBs Hyde/Lynch
WRs Adams/Edelman
TE Gronk
Flex Gordon
Bears Def
K Butler

Also have AP Lewis and Coutee for flex

Do not trade Mixon and Brees for Hyde (and any qb)