Mixon trade help

Been offered kerryon johnsone and Geronimo allison for Joe mixon? Please help footclan

The play is between who you think will be better, Kerryon or Mixon? Allison a flex option in my book, but honestly that kind of caliber of a player can be picked up from waiver. I personally would stick with Mixon since he will get all the opportunities possible on a high power offense unlike Kerryon who has Blount stealing almost all of the touchdowns.

Thank you for the advise I will keep mixon. I just love kerryon because of his name and the song :joy:

EZ decision, keep Mixon

I know how you feel, I have him in my lineup but Blount worries me because Kerryon won’t get 100 yards each game to make him a high end running back. At least he’s getting more opportunity than Aaron Jones.