Mixon trade value?

I’m trying to trade Mixon but he’s not making it easy for me, I tried to ship him out last week after is 100yard day but no one in my league was looking at him as even an rb2, so which player would I be able to get for him? Someone like Singletary or Lindsay maybe?

I’ve been trying to trade him for weeks… nobody wants him. Especially after he shit the bed yesterday. You’re likely stuck with him unless you are willing to take very little for him

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I’ve been offered Breida for him which I’m considering. I also have been offered $20 fab and lunch at the place of my choosing also. Have a hard time justifying starting him right now

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I would definitely take breida and that Shanahan rushing attack, and with how bad the Bengals oline has been I would even take the lunch to :laughing:

I even tried packaging him with Adam Thielen and people in my league were offering me rb4 or wr4 in return, I have no confidence to start him, did they loose guys on their o-line? How was he so dominant last year?