Mixon vs the KC Backfield

Standard scoring i have Mixon, Ware and Williams. If Ware is out would you play Williams over Mixon or if Ware plays would you play Mixon or either Williams/Ware?

For the flex spot i have Cook and Gordon starting (hopefully) and Cohen in reserve but need a but of upside to help my wounded WR core.

What do people think trust Mixon or go with KC’s offense or different depending on Ware in or out?

I would go Mixon over both.
He is just good.


Yeah I am playing Mixon. Without Boyd, it’ll be hard to extend the field but you know Mixon is gonna get the work. I’ll take the volume.

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Browns have been top 5 over the last 6 weeks vs RBs, Seattle surprisingly have been 25th!

Link below to past 6 weeks DST rankings if interest: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vR2fL2O5MLRyxK6i1i1aVmBmErnGUsiPIBQXCCdaACabjRh5l05MQMgSaf0aJCj28PVdAplEQYLQEzV/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true

Ugh…I don’t like that…they did contain Lindsay last week.

Yeah will have to leave it until i know more on the Ware status but if Ware is out this could be a close call to be honest. Mixon i’m sure will get me between 7.5 - 10 points (standard) for total yards etc but Williams on his own in the backfield could be 20+ again and be a week, no a championship winner!

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Would it be crazy thinking of starting Jordan Howard over him? I doubt I’ll ever make that move but just thinking. Other options would be Fournette, or flex one of my receivers/ Pettis or Reynolds.
My other RBs are Chubb and Henry.

Not crazy at all, if i needed upside i think Chubb, Henry and Howard could be good plays. Dolphins can be had on the ground but Fournette and the Jags have looked pathetic for weeks and i would rather not play him to be honest with the ship on the line.

I’m playing Mixon. Regardless cinci really doesn’t have anything so default shoudl be at least a volume monster.