Mixon, Watkins, Gallup for James Connor, AB half ppr

First year dynasty

How many teams?
What are the starting requirements?
Do you consider yourself a contender today?

Are you trading Connor and AB away? Or trading for those players?

Hey fun4willis thanks for replying,
Its a 12 team league, we are currently completing our startup draft. I currently own james connor and ab and think I have a real shot at the championship. I was offered this trade for both of them. Its a qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 2 flex, 1 te starting lineup.

If you are the one trading connor and AB do this trade ASAP.

Mixon is going to be a top 10RB, Connor is going to be closer to 20.
AB should still be a top 10, and both those guys are going to be flex worthy wr.

Thanks mattymc, why so little faith in connor?

These are my current wrs and rbs.
Ezekiel Elliott
James Connor
Kareem Hunt
Kenyan Drake
Austin Ekeler
Kenneth Dixon
Rex Burkhead
Darrel Williams
Zach Zenner

Antonio Brown
Cooper Kupp
Golden Tate
Keke Coutee
Curtis Samuel
Emmanuel Sanders
Larry Fitzgerald
Philip Dorsett

I think without AB teams are going to be more comfortable stacking the box and I do not think he’ll be able to repeat his numbers from last year.

I think he was the product of the steelers system. Much like how people aren’t down on Bell for not playing for a year, but because of the jets poor run system.
Without down field threats, teams will be fine leaving more defenders close to the line. I think Juju is going to suffer as well. He was awesome as a 1B, but I don’t think he’ll excel as a true #1 guy.

Thats a fair point, I guess I’m just a bit unsure of making a big move with my first dynasty team but I’m coming around on the idea.

i would also do this trade. Mixon is better than connor and long term dynasty id rather have watkins and i also like gallup for dynasty.

James Conner actually saw an extremely high number of stacked boxes last year. 27.9% which is near the top of the league. That number can certainly go up but we shouldn’t be expecting such a crazy dip in production IMO.

What do you think of the trade ty_nagy?

I don’t like it but don’t think it’s bad. I don’t believe in Gallup doing a ton. His upside is massively capped by Amari and Zeke. Sammy is still a shot in the dark that could pan out but it could be a big miss with Tyreek and injury. It feels like you’re buying Sammy at his peak price when you should be still buying him with some reservation.

I love Mixon but I think it’s a slight overpay.

Yeah ok, I think I will wait to see how tyreeks situation plays out before deciding. Thanks for your advice guys!