Mixon Worth a 1st?

1/2 PPR Dynasty. Will be picking in the second half of the first round next year. Is Mixon worth giving up my first round pick to get?

If you’re in the back half and on a contending team for the next couple of years I would. With a better O-Line then Mixon could do some real damage. Hard to tell though as it’s a gamble as to whether the Bengals O-Line actually improves or not.

I think so yes. He’s still young enough that you’re expecting around 5 years of high quality production.

I actually was successful in trading for Mixon. Kept my first round pick. Trade ended up being Mixon and a fifth for David Johnson and DJ Chark. I think Johnson is definitely in danger of being replaced in the offseason and Chark has been too streaky. I’ve got solid wr depth, so not too worried about losing Chark.

How do you think I did?

I think you did well. David Johnson I think is a serious danger of losing his job in 2021. I think his place in the nfl is likely to be as a backup very soon.