MixonCohenCohenMixon 0.5ppr


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like cohen’s upside with a shootout potential tonight. runs well and catches well, ppr league?

Yeah, .5ppr.

tough call on this one, obviously. mixon will be getting the majority of handoffs it seems. cohen has dipped into howards carries but with 25 targets in 3 games and a solid catch rate. i like cohens upside here a little more, versatile weapon and the bears dont have that many. if i were them, i would be leaning on him more.

note: i do have cohen in two leagues, so i like the play. but even given comparison would probably still hit cohen up this week.

Thanks for the detailed advice.

Have Mixon and Cohen in two leagues, one in which I’m playing Montgomery, with probably Cohen (over Crowell) and flexing Mixon. In another, starting Zeke and Hunt and flexing either Mixon or Cohen.

for me it comes down to, does mixon get more rush yards than cohen will catches/ receiving yards + rushing. cause they do utulize him well.

agree with the move of cohen over crowell. hasnt done much to prove he belongs as an rb1 on your team and tough matchup. im streaming, as are many others it seems, bengals d.

but solid plans there on startes for both teams. hope my fantasy rambling helps!

Actually, that last one my flex options are Cohen, Mixon or CJ Anderson.


Got the Bengals D too.