Mixon's pickup and worth

Joe Mixon became available this week. I have M Mack and D Henry on bench. Should I pick him up and drop one of my handcuffs? Starters are Bell and Buck Allen. If I do pick him up would he be a better flex option then Garcon or ASJ? Thanks for the help!

You absolutely pick him up! Drop whichever of those you prefer - because a clear volume back will always be more valuable than a handcuff. The handcuff is only valuable because they COULD become a volume back.

I am high on mixon this week, so in a standard or .5 ppr I would start him over both of those options, I’d do a coin toss on Garcon if it’s full point.

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Take out buck allen and put in mixon - drop whoever you need to. And I would probably go garcon over buck and asj.


You actually might bench buck Allen and start mixon, flex Garcon. Is what I would realistically lean toward

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Definitely get mixon, volume will turn to td soon. I would drop Mack, Gore has never been hurt before so he will be 50/50 at best. Murray as some injury history so Henry is more likely to benefit in that regard. Plug him in immediately too!

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Mixon is on waivers till Friday so I would be missing the Thursday night game in case I can’t pick him up. The only other option would be Mack as he is not on bye week. I could bench Buck and pick up Lewis if I don’t get Mixon as another option, Bilal is also on the board for pick up so I guess I do have options. Any thoughts?

Play buck if you cant get mixon, but my god why is mixon still on the waivers.

Someone just dropped Mixon is why he’s back on waivers…but I wont know if I can pick him up until after Bucks game tonight, Friday is when it clears.

Ahhhh… This absolutely complicates the situation. Is your league a faab? What waiver order are you if not.

No faab, I’m 6th in the waiver order. So if I sit Buck and don’t pick up Mixon, there still are options open, being Bilal, Lewis, or Jalen Richard that I could possibly pick up. I have a feeling Buck might get it done tonight however and would be kicking myself if he did and I benched him. Ahhhh I don’t know!

Gonna have to play buck man im sorry. I have a feeling mixon might get picked up and it’s too risky :confused:

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Yea I think so too. Thanks for the advice, if I do pick him up I’ll probably flex him instead of Garcon. Cheers!