MNF Dilemma

I have the lead in my dynasty league 139.92 to 133.30. The other guy is completely done and I have the Cowboys defense tonight. Do you play the Cowboy"s defense to try and squeeze out some extra points and run the risk of them getting negative points (which is in the realm of possibility) or do you bench them and secure the dub?

I’m in the same situation only with kicker we get -1for missed kicks I’m playing him I need the points our league is record based then points

What are your def scoring settings?

The system is more pts based

28-34 pts allowed is -1

35+ pts allowed is -4

Based on this I would start DAL. The over under I found was 48.5. Seems like Vegas does not expect NYG to put up 35+.

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You’d tend to think that they wouldn’t give up 35 pts. Plus I’m sure they’re do for a sack or two