MNF Flex: Game on the Line

Alright footclan, I am going against my biggest competition in my league and the game has come down to MNF. I need 16 points out of my flex and fortunately (or unfortunately) I’ve got 3 options tonight.

So here’s the play:
Lat. Murray

Who gives me the beat chance at victory?

Dang man that’s tough. Murray would be a solid choice if points were a little lower I think he can get a solid 8-12.
I would say Cohen or Thielen, if Bradford plays Thirlen, if not Cohen I guess I would pick.
Goodluck man take a xanax before the game and ride it out!

Think you have to go Thielen. He has the most boom potential regardless of the QB. Cohen doesn’t get the volume and the Vikings run D is legit. Murray is gross.

Yea i agree i would go with either Thielen or Cohen but Vikings run D is legit so, i would lean towards Thielen.