MNF - Is it just me or

Is Malcolm Brown getting more play than normal?

I think they’re prob getting him warmed up good for the upcoming weeks to give Gurley a rest to be primed for P/O’s!!!

AND to make sure he’s got what it takes to pull it off!!!

It makes sense with bye next week. I was just hoping he didn’t pull something, etc. But he seems to be coming back in regularly to play.

That would be splendid. I need an average game from Gurley to win in one league this week.

I’m probably beat anyways but I needed a big game and figured he would have one since it’s such a big match up.

sorry @psychosem17 I will not be cheering for you tonight

Trying to gauge what they do with Gurley is anybody’s guess. BUT…I’ve got Gurley, AND…I’ve already got this week and my P/O spot is looking pretty good at this point. Going 7-4 this week.

Soooo…LOL…I’m kinda thinking the same @Hazel11. Kinda hoping they take it easy on Gurley tonight!!!

I can’t blame you. No hate Hazel. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t get mad at anyone for wanting what they want. We are all there every week just about.

I don’t have playoffs.

So I am in it for the long haul.

In first at the moment with a decent pad in pts scored.

This is a good indication that anyone who has Gurley NEEDS to pick up Malcolm Brown as a handcuff, looks like he’s getting plenty of reps.

And also the Rams OLine do such a great job with their outside zone runs to open lanes that both Gurley and Brown are capable of bursting through the gaps there for significant chunks of yards.

It looks more like the Rams are attacking the KC secondary. It seems Gurley just isn’t a part of the early game plan

He’s the one handcuff I want to grab moving forward but I got to wait until after Butkers bye next week.

EXACTLY. Some thoughts were that John Kelly would bust out at some point when they started to rest Gurley, and would end up busting past Brown. BUT…Kelly’s apparently out now. Soooo…….YEP!!!

Yeah that’s part of it. Scandrick is being abused. I think they might be saving him for down the stretch if they have a lead but they have blown a lead in doing so.

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They’ve been doing this a lot past couple of games. I think they’re trying to start the SLOW move toward easing Gurley off til they know FOR SURE they got the seed locked up. BUT…I think we’re at that point!!! SO…prob not gonna see a whole lot of Gurley from this point on…UNLESS KC gets out of control tonight.

And at this moment…don’t think that’s gonna happen!!!

It seems Gurley got banged up early on and they have been cautious since. Nit sure how serious the injury is but it is annoying how often these rbs get hurt these days

Can’t watch the game. GRRRRR…sooooo……he get banged up early tonight or an earlier game???

He just had 2 catches for 32 yds. He’s still getting snaps, just not as many touches as usual.

Any talk of an injury is speculation at this point.

TY @ECC. Got FANTASYCAST thru our ESPN FFB. So…able to keep up with the play by play. BUT…just wasn’t aware of any injuries. Sooo….was just curious if it had just happened. TY buddy for your imput!!!

Yeah I don’t think he’s hurt at all. They have only ran the ball like 12 times so far and Brown got 3 of them. It was similar when they lost to NOLA. They didn’t get the run going. Less than 4 ypc tonight for Rams as a team.

Kinda figured this might start happening at this point. Figuring they’re starting to go easy on him at this point. They got they P/O’s pretty much locked up!!!