MNF Thread for any rant/rave

Why does Eli insist on always putting on some weird ass, apathetic, confused, or just generally unhappy facial expression? Tonight it’s an open jaw kind of dazed look. Haven’t seen it before. Pisses me off


lets just hope he is in shock since he was just told this was his last game starting as a giant

Lol i figure hed have a big smile on if that had happened. Dude hates playing football. He just wants to hang out with Peyton and copy whatever he’s doing. Prob a super annoying sibling

not watching the game
Oh snap, Falcons scored! Julio? no. Ridley? no.
Uhhh Marvin Hall?

Lol. Of course not Julio. He’s allergic to the turf down there.

Watching this giants offensive play calling is very frustrating. 1st and 10, run up the middle. 2nd and 10, screen play, 3rd and long, screen play well in front of the markers against cover 3 zone. Its actually so bad it’s not even funny.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but all they need to do is take Mike McCarthy’s single sheet play book which consists entirely of slants for OBJ. 80% of the play calls should be a 3 WR bunch with OBJ, run 2 over routes with him crossing through the middle and have the offset single WR run a crossing route and have eli hit him 2.5 seconds into the route.

This game is killing me. I am giving up on this week. I can’t imagine I get my points. I knew this would happen. We (Falcons) have the worst inferiority complex in the history of sports. Never has a coach just had balls and played like the squad would
Be hoisting the Lombardi trophy one day. We will let the giants get in this game if the giants want to. It’s up to them basically whether they’d like to win or not. We won’t make the choice.

If they score a TD I bet anything we take a knee

And then still have OBJ turn 180 in the air to catch the ball and have him looking like the server that forgot which table ordered the Coke Zero.

There won’t be any fighting for points before the half. We will run it two times and go
To the locker room

Another wide open TD missed by Eli. People keep making f***ing excuses for him about how bad his oline is. Had a 100% clean pocket there, OBJ leaves his CB in the dust, what does eli do? Throws it out of bounds.

Wow we called timeout? I can’t believe it.

Why isn’t Barkley able to get anything going on the ground? They pulling a Washington and crowding the box?

because the giants play calling is pitiful. They are literally calling the same sequence every single series. Everyone knows they running it up the middle on 1st and 10. When the defense knows what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter how good barkley is.

I want to see Ito play…

I hate having so many pieces invested into 1 game.
In one league I need 40 pts from Barkley + Ridley
In another, 45 pts from OBJ + Engram. It’s sad.

Lol. I hate everything both teams are doing

Like what the fuck , who are we kidding there? This is why Julio can’t score

Fuck this I’m getting on Tinder and forgetting football for a while.

Can’t have a barn burner when there’s nothing around to catch fire.