Mock Draft against humans?

One of the drawbacks of switching to Sleeper is that you’re always mock drafting against bots, which does not give a realistic result of how your draft will go. For example, I hear the footballers talk about RB’s like David Johnson and Lev Bell not being drafted until the 4th round… where in the hell is this happening?! Every mock I have done ends up with 23 - 25 RB’s drafted after the 3rd round (12 team). The only RB’s available starting in the 4th are the Cam Akers, Jordan Howards, D’Andre Swifts and lower. Sometimes I’ll get lucky with a Raheem Mostert or Devin Singletary

Is there a site aside from Yahoo where I can mock draft against humans AND remove stupid kickers? Something that can be somewhat altered. Thanks Foot Clan