MOCK DRAFT! Good or bad? 🤔


How many teams? PPR? Your team looks better in PPR

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I can’t complain on this. I like a lot of your guys here, especially late round picks. My only concern is the risk at RB, I would have liked to have seen one solid guy. Jacobs is rookie, so unknown. Henry should get the carries but all of his production last season came from 2 games. Chubb I like a lot this year, but we don’t really know how much Hunt will take away from him when he gets back.

I like the McDonald late stash and DJax is always a guy where one play can win you a week. I don’t like Carr at all, I think that’s a wasted roster spot where you could have added another RB (you only have 3 RBs). Anderson/Shepard/Fuller are solid guys and weekly matchup or bye week plays.

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10 man PPR

Thanks for the feedback man. My biggest concern was not having that strong running back to lean on every week but that’s the sacrifice I made for Hopkins and OBJ to fall back on my next pick for two hot hand receivers.
I picked a trio of running backs to most likely see their teams running load in hopes to plug them in on a week to week basis like always (duh) haha
Last year I made it to the championship game and lost by less then a full point haha because I lacked WR depth so I’m going strong on WR in some leagues.
Derek Carr I just took a shot on to see how to looks.
AB, Tyrell Williams, hunter Renfrow, josh Jacobs. All great pass catchers I can see Derek getting good games out the bunch… right?

I have little to no faith in Carr. He won’t have any more production than other QBs that are probably on your waivers. Jimmy G, Josh Allen, Prescott, Lamar Jackson, Murray, Cousins, Trubisky, Stafford. These are all guys I’d rather have. But you have Ryan, so hopefully your QB2 only has to play 1 week. I usually don’t even draft a QB2 and scoop someone up when it’s around the bye week of my starting QB.

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I am a fan of your starting lineup. However, considering that you paid up for OBJ and Hopkins, I wouldn’t have spent so much bench space on WRs. 5 bench receivers when your 2 WR slots are weekly locks seems like a waste of roster space. Instead of Fuller and Tyrell, I’d suggest going upside RBs in those rounds. That still leaves you with 3 bench receivers who are essentially all just potentially going to be Flex options. Considering there’s a lot more risk with your RBs that’s where I’d look to add depth but that’s my opinion.

I also see no value in drafting Carr in a 10 tm PPR league. Matt Ryan will be plenty and even if not a viable streaming QB should be readily available on your weekly wire.


This was almost exactly my thinking. To me Murray in Arizona and Prescott with Dallas we’re my two main choices but something in me made me want to grab the guy giving AB his targets. No where near as good as Big Ben but I have to believe AB will get his receptions.
I went heavy on WR this draft just trying to see where average draft positions land from different spots in the draft. Drafted from the 2 spot

Understandable, but Carr is nowhere near Big Ben. I do believe Carr will be better this season than last season, but last season he only threw 19tds and 10 int and was behind Eli Manning in fantasy points. Big Ben finished as QB3 and had the best year of his career last season, so don’t go chasing those stats.

That’s normally my game plan is to always be super running back heavy especially in 10 team PPR but I was drafting wide receiver heavy just really to find average draft positions when the draft is thrown off by early wide receiver picks. Trying to find solutions to all possible outcomes so when I draft I can be ready for it all. I understand your points tho 100%

I’d never chase stats. Especially with Carr. I just look for the solid production from AB even if the ceiling isn’t as high in years past.
Without being able to snag AB (going 1 pick before Odell) I snagged Odell as the next best option and Carr to sure up some fantasy points in the AB offense.
When I grabbed Odell, Melvin Gordon was the best back out so with his contract pending I decided to grab Jacobs at a later round… all honesty… the raider fan in me wants a part of their offense this year… dark horse… and I’m Full PPR I questioned even taking a second QB at all none the less DC… my pick where I got him would’ve been Marlon Mack. A for sure steal since he dropped that low somehow

I agree, you need more RBs.
10 team PPR, there will be a ton of good WRs on the waiver wire.
Quality RBs are tougher to come by.
Usually need injury, trade, etc.

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Exactly, that’s why I normally go RB heavy but had to go WR heavy just to see the difference in draft position and how my draft would end up out the 2 spot taking a WR instead of a RB

This whole string makes me feel a LOT better about my own most recent mock draft. I won last year, so I’ll pick 1.10 and by then, RB 1s are pretty slim, so I keep practicing to see who falls my way and how to balance out the rest. My most recent mock looks a bunch like this one except I got Luck. Guess we’ll have to see how the real thing goes, but I’m loving the feedback here. The only thing better than winning, is a repeat.

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I’d probably grade it a C- because your RBs aren’t as strong in my opinion LOVE NUK DA BOMB”TEXANScheeee” but overall nice PPR TEAM

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Normally most of my players would be running back. This draft was just to try at the 2 spot seeing what the roster and draft positions would be if I took a receiver early and swing the balance a bit. So I was sort of trying to go RB heavy but part of me couldn’t do it so I worked with what was left. Appreciate the rate :+1:t3: