Mock Draft Rating 1234

so i have been doing a lot of mocks, and im just not sure on this one. i think im pretty well stacked at depth, but im not 100% sure how i feel about it.

10 man, 1/2 point PPR, its a redraft mock but im prepping for a 3 man keeper, keepers are set to be one round more expensive than what you drafted at, you can keep 1st rounders. i picked from the 10 spot.
Side Note: at pick 5 i messed up. since i was at the turn, i should have picked penny at 6, would have saved me a round next year if he hits.

1: Kareem Hunt

2: Melvin Gordon

3: Larry Fitzgerald

4:Juju Smith-Schuster

5: Rashaad Penny

6: Sammy Watkins

7: Cooper Kupp

8: CJ Anderson

9: Royce Freeman

10: Will Fuller

11: Phillip Rivers

12: Jordan Reed

13: Latavious Murray

14: New Orleans D

15: kai Forbath

Hopefully you are looking for constructive criticism!

I would say there is a lot of risk with this team.

Watkins and Anderson - on new teams.
Fuller and Reed - coming off of injury plagued seasons.
Fitz and Rivers - are older players that could hit ‘the wall’ .
Penny and Freeman - promising rookies but in situations where the team success for 2018 is in question.
Juju - the 4th round seems high for a guy who may be a WR3.
Kupp - is he going to be the WR3 on his team?

The Pros
Hunt and Gordon - are both underrated and should be the studs of the team.
Like that you drafted QB and TE late.
Like that you grabbed Murray late too. He could be a starter if Dalvin is not ready week 1,

Were any of these reaches because your were at the turn? Were there other players you debated while doing this mock?

There were other players I debated. When I picked watkins I thought about Allen Robinson and I think marvin jones was there too. I just dont think the chiefs pay watkins 16m to be the 3rd guy there. They are going to feed him so I know that one looks weird, but off of my board it was the right pick. But Yeah it’s my running backs that are solid, but it kinda forced me into some weird picks. In my mind reed is perfect where I got him though. I have no problem with riding him till he gets hurt and then streaming. Might help get to a good start. Fuller was the same. They are very risky picks but I like them cause they are in the flier area. But otherwise I agree. I like the potential of this team, but its risky. If none of them hit, which is possible, then that team is dead. But if they do hit, and those 2 do stay healthy, it’s a dangerous team. I dont like that many its though. Oh and penny and Freeman were just keeper potential picks. Freeman was a reach and I regret that one though. So yeah, i agree with you.

Oh and I do agree that Murray there is crazy good value. If McKinnon was still there I would be kinda eh about it, but he is the 2nd guy, no question. And on that team that’s pretty valuable.