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Mock draft rating


Hey Fantasy Footballers. I’d like your thoughts on this mock draft I just did. Any suggestions?

I had the 2nd pick on a 10-team standard mock.

1.2 Le’Veon Bell - Best RB in the league. Injury risk though. DJ was first-picked.
2.9 TY Hilton - I was between him and Dez, but I believe the Colts will have to get more out of him during the later games of the season.
3.2 Doug Baldwin - Consistent fantasy player. Best available.
4.9 Davante Adams - I wanted to secure 3 week to week starters in WR and I believe Adams is a great pick as a flex.
5.2 Dalvin Cook - I was between Cook or Blount but I thought Blount would fall to me later plus I’m in love with how in love the Vikings are with Cook.
6.9 Jimmy Graham - Blount went I pick before mine :frowning: so I looked to round up my starting line up and Jimmy was best TE available.
7.2 Bilal Powell - I want to build depth in RB in case one of my starters goes down. Powell has great value this season.
8.9 Marcus Mariota - I like Mariota a lot this season and grabbing him in the 8th I believe is a little bit of a reach but I wanted to make sure I would get him. I was also targetting Russel Wilson but he got picked earlier.
9.2 Willie Snead - I was looking for RBs but Snead is great value as well in the 9th. Plus I was targetting Hunt, Joe Williams and Duke J and figured they could fall to me later.
10.9 Kareem Hunt - Nice upside. I believe he could end up as the starter.
11.2 Eric Decker - Nuts that Decker wasn’t off the board already. Should’ve grabbed him earlier.
12.9 Joe Williams - Great value, starter potential.
13.2 Duke Johnson - Great value plus I round up my depth in RB. If Crowell goes down he could be a steal.
14.9 Mike Wallace - Best available
15.2 Josh Doctson - Best available

I dont believe in drafting K and D/ST in mocks, so there’s that.


I’d give that team an A, with the only knock being the Mariota pick.

1 - Le’Veon is pretty much a no brainer

2 - TY at the end of the 2nd seems like great value. The possibility of Andrew Luck missing time is concerning, but Hilton led the league in receiving last season. That feels like a steal to me.

3 - WR1 the last two years who doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Another great pick.

4 - Finally had his long awaited break out last season and subsequently seems to be oddly undervalued this season. Rodgers is going to throw a lot of TDs, and Adams is a great bet to snag 8+ of them.

5 - This one feels just like a fair pick. I’m still slightly concerned about Cook losing snaps to Murray and McKinnon, but he should still be in line for enough volume and is talented enough to be worth a 5th round pick.

6 - Love Graham. He’s all the way back from his knee injury and in line to have his biggest season in years. Because of Reed’s health issues and Carolina’s changing offense, Graham is my 3rd favorite TE and Gronk and Kelce and you got him in the late 6th.

7 - Volume is a concern for Powell but he’s been a more effective player than Forte. That effectiveness should win out.

8 - Feels like a reach. I think Mariota might be a sensational real life QB this season but I’m not sure he’s going to really outperform what you can do by streaming QBs. I’m okay with early QBs in drafts if you want to lock up Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Ryan, or Luck, but I feel like you’re sort of buying Mariota at what I see his ceiling being in a run heavy offense.

9 - I’m not even the biggest Snead fan but it’s pretty incredible to get him in the 9th as your 4th WR.

10 - Love it. Hunt is full of talent and while I think Ware might actually be underrated right now, the RB position in KC seems fairly fluid right now and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Hunt emerge as a league winner. Awesome upside in the 10th.

11 - Maybe the best pick of the draft. Decker is continually underrated year after year and he and Mariota are a match made in heaven with their RZ effectiveness. It’s robbery to get him as your 5th WR in the 11th round.

12 - I think Williams may be behind Hightower so I haven’t really been taking him a lot, but in the 12th round he’s worth a chance with how much uncertainty there seems to be surrounding Hyde, as well as Hyde’s inability to stay healthy.