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Mock Draft Thoughts?


12 team PPR; 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 flex.

Martavis Bryant
C Thompson
J Tucker


For a PPR league you’re not super strong at WR depth.

Evans and Tate are great picks, but Bryant and Mike Wallace could be big time busts.

You could have taken a much better QB than Wentz in the 10th instead of Benjamin, another higher upside WR or RB in 7th instead of Cook, and another flyer WR in the 13th.

Were you drafting at 7th or 8th?


Drafting 7th. I disagree regarding QB. I can easily stream QBs, if necessary, and I expect Wentz to take a big step forward. I think Benjamin will bounce back and don’t see much chance of Bryant busting, aside from the possibility of a failed test, which I just don’t see happening.


Also, Wallace is never a best. He’s almost literally always a top 30 WE. He’s on this team as a value pick and insurance for the riskier players.


*never a bust


Also, Cook has a ton of upside playing with the check down king and a completely uninspiring backfield partner.


Hey, as long as you like your team, that’s what matters most. I am not in love with it, but my criticisms are more personal preference and I could be very wrong about them. I just cannot find it in my heart to like Blount this year. After the way he finished the year last year, I wonder if he will be relevant ever again. I well could be, but he won’t be on my teams - just a feeling, I guess. I actually like your WRs. I do wonder why you decided on two TE? Is that a league rule? If you are savvy enough to stream QB, then you are savvy enough to stream TE too, which might allow you more depth at RB or WR.

Have fun.



I only have 1 TE in that mock? As far as Blount, I think he’s a decent depth option, not much more. I thought he was a good option where I picked him. He’s also playing behind a really good line and what I expect to be a good offense (i.e TD potential).


My bad dude, I thought you drafted Jared Cook. No idea why I thought him instead of Dalvin.

I like your team much more now.


I thought that was Jared Cook too.