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Mock Drafts


I’ve been using a variety of different mock drafting websites. On Fantasy Wizard, they give you a grade at the end of your draft. Should I really be worried about the grade if I’m getting the guys I want at great values. I feel as if the site gives you a bad grade if you don’t follow their “expert opinion”. Any thoughts?


Those grades are redraft biased and largely based on last year’s performance. You do you with players that you have higher than the herd. It’s no big deal if their system is skewed in a different direction.


Thanks Dave!:slight_smile:


Yep, like Dave said, you can pretty much ignore the Draft Grade it gives you. If YOU like your team, that’s what matters.


You should check out the Fantasy Footballers UDK (Ultimate Draft Kit). Simply follow their tiered rankings and follow your heart/gut/trigger finger and you’re all good. Anders, Jacob and Miguel are great guys, you should check out their podcast too!


If you like your team and you think it could win you a Super Bowl, that’s all that matters!


I can’t remember how exactly, but you can get yourself “graded” against your own cheat sheet too. That said, the system still overvalued having a top Q/T/D/K and shrugs at R/W depth.


Exactly BDMedema.