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Moncrief or Sneed?


Who would you take there ADP is in the same range, I like them both who has more upside?


Based on Brandon Cooks leaving and the reception perception analysis Willie Snead is way undervalued. There isnt a route he is not above average and his success rate against coverage was great too. Moncrief is already hurt and Andrew Luck can’t even through yet. I just think there is way too much risk. Willie is due for his 3rd year break out too.


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. Much appricated.


Honestly they are both on top 10 offenses so both are good options. Personally I think Snead is a safer pick, Mocrief is more of a pick where you hope he breaks out.


I passed on Snead in my last draft because I had already picked Michael Thomas, that’s the only situation I pass on him at his ADP.