Moncrief or Sutton

I have Moncrief on my bench who is supposed to take over the role of M. Lee. Courtland Sutton is on waivers.

Would you keep Moncrief or pick up Sutton?

based on what exactly? Moncrief isn’t taking over anything. Keelan Cole benefits most from Lee going down. And ASJ as well which is why he’s my top streaming TE.

Personally don’t think Sutton is worth rostering yet in a redraft league. He’s my top guy in dynasty formats but not in redraft.

I dont think Sutton offers any benefit over Moncrief right now unless Thomas or Sanders goes down. Agree he is a better play in a dynasty league.

Neither of those players offer anything. Moncrief is literally not even worth rostering. In Jax, you pick the best guy and go with it. Bortles isn’t supporting 2 playable WRs. If you like DeDe take him. If you like Cole, take him. Leave the rest.

Find it hard to believe there aren’t better players than both Moncrief and Sutton on your waiver wire.