Moncrief / Westbrook

Nearing the last 4 rounds of a 17 team PPR draft; what are your thoughts on Moncrief or Westbrook? It sounds like Moncrief may be above Wesbrook on the depth chart but is the just the choo-choo-chooing of a hype train? (can that even be considered a hype train???)

Hmmm, our thoughts move to another Jags WR: Darrell Chark Jr., aka DJ Chark. Fastest WR in combine. Six foot three inches and had a 22 ypc w/7 tds at LSU last season. Some horrible quarterback play and off field things limited his #s. Jags got him in the 2nd round.

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If I had to pick one I would go with Moncrief. He is talented, only 24 years old, and they gave him a fully guaranteed $9.6 million this year, making him the 6th highest paid Jag this year.

That being said, depending on who is left on the draft board I would be looking for other lottery tickets with higher upside. The Jags are a run 1st team with an ok QB and a very crowded WR corp with Marquise Lee, Moncrief, Keelen Cole, DJ Chark and Dede Westbrook.

I agree with @FantasyFootballDad. Follow the money!

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I think Westbrook might be 4th on that depth chart…

i can also see this scenario…in an offense so focus on pounding the rock this deepball bombs could be a thing!

his 6’4" frame and his speed is a nasty combination!