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Monday Night Dilemma!


Well since CJ Anderson decided to crap his pants last night I am now only up 0.6 points with the Titans Defense left…Do I play them and risk the negative points, or sit them and risk the stat correction?


I try to not avoid a defense on the theory of negative points unless it’s a really bad matchup. If you had a 5 point lead i’d probably sit em. .6 is rough with stat corrections.


I doubt jacoby brisset will put up enough points to net you negative. I think the safer play here is to start your defense.


Is there any way to look up stat corrections before the game?


No, it happens on Thursdays I think.


bump for thoughts


i agree with guy above. i think its more likely brisset throws a pick or two and get sacked a couple times maybe to give the D/ST a points bump i don’t think he’ll score enough to put them into the negative. keep them in the lineup IMO


I mean ultimately wouldn’t the Titans have to give up over 46 points and 450 yards of total offense for them to go negative?