Monday Night Flex: Sony or Robby?

Hey Foot Clan,

I’m in a must-win game (currently 1-5 and trying to save my season).

I’m down by 15 points heading into Monday Night’s Game.

I can either flex Sony Michel or Robby Anderson. 0.5 PPR league.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Think Sony might be your best bet.
That secondary is outstanding and it’s going to be tough to pass. Belichick already targets the best weapon( I know - Bell) so Anderson will be tough.

josh Gordon being out, Edelman possibly being banged up plus Jets actually not being bad against the pass- Sony I think is the better play.

I’m going against Sony tonight in my match up and don’t feel great about it.

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Thanks for the input! If Robby was going against any other defense, I feel like he would have the higher ceiling. Going to roll with Sony and hope he saves my season.

I’m crossing my fingers for you.

…I went 1-5 last year and I came back and won my league. Rooting for you.

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Well!? Is your season saved?

Ended up winning by 7 points! There’s still hope for my season!

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Hell yeah. Get it.
I was thinking about your dilemma during that game. Thinking, “ooof good thing we recommended Sony!”


Thanks for your help! I was so incredibly happy I didn’t start Robby Anderson. Talk about a nightmare game for the Jets.