Monday night football baby

So I’m down 20 in standard after I had a few players underwhelming performances and gurley saved me. Got brees and Thomas left, think I can win or is Washington’s Defense too good in pass against QBs?

It would be very surprising if you didn’t win to be honest, I can’t see Brees and Thomas busting at home.

I’m 50 points up in standard against Brees and Thomas as well and honestly i’m nervous. Brees can put 40 by himself if the game goes that way. The Saints D is awful still so this could be shoot out, at the very least Brees and Thomas will get theirs


Breesus Christ hoping he comes in clutch, such an under rated QB for fantasy and Thomas always has had a solid floor.

I think you win here.

I predict:
Brees/ Kamara will put up points early and let redskins play from behind.
Cameron Meredith breaks out this week.
Let Ingram run out the game starting around half way into the 3rd quarter.

Smith relies alot on dink and dunk, Chris Thompson and Jordan Reed plays. It’s not enough to take advantage of the Saints DST flaws. Only way they keep up is if they use Richardson more downfield.

My only concern is with Ingram back do they go more on run or stick with pass since brees has been on fire? That Thomas and Brees stack has won me games

You’re in good shape. Saints pass D is pretty awful. Smith will expose them just like everyone else. Probably the best game strategy to beat the Saints; throw deep and throw often.

I see this being a shootout.

Breesus Christ! HA!

Hope so, i was looking to get around 60 points as a cushion between me and my opponent going into MNF but Baldwin was my only let down on a good week overall. Hoping Brees and Thomas don’t combine for 50+ and beat me or i’ll be pissed

This! I’m going against Kamara and MT and have like a 50 point lead. I’m expecting to lose.

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Haha we can both enjoy the full tilt on MNF together! Seriously though if a 50 point lead isn’t enough, or if i lose by a point because of Baldwin… there could very well be a rage drop tomorrow morning

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20 point lead on my opp. 111.5 to 91.8
He has Jordan Reed left and I have Smith, Ingram, Lutz left.
What could go wrong right?

Brees and Thomas have combined 3/4 games with 50 combined or more. I don’t know why anyone would be pissed off if that happen. It’s more of par for the course. My point is one should be thinking that is likely going to happen and be shocked if it does not.

Totally agree Arshagarbon. Expect to lose if that is the case and hope for the best if they need to get less to pull out a W.

only twice in standard which was the week 1 TB matchup which was a crazy game and the week 3 shoot out with ATL. In the games they have been fairly comfortable, not playing an elite offense they are much lower. Average Brees/MT in standard is around 39pts.

Fully capable yes and if this was a game vs a high powered, explosive offense like a KC, LAR or ATL etc i’d be looking to next week already for sure haha. But vs Washington at home, a 50/50 shot based on the history this year of them not going for 50+ but I don’t see Washington putting up 30+ points tonight and forcing Brees to chase the game. If anything i can see this being the Kamara and Ingram show.

Also playing a weak Saints D, i would expect the Skins to use ball control as much as possible to keep the saints offense off the field, that has to be the tactic to win they know they cannot get into a shoot out with the Saints - few teams could hang with them so i’m hoping tactically as you said guys like CT and Reed can move the chains and allow for longer drives and keep Brees and off the field as long as possible

I was basing the 50 off PPR so yes, more unlikely that 50 happens in standard format but not by much. Ginn is not healthy and the other Saints WR’s can’t be trusted. Brees will lean on Michael Thomas it evolves into a shootout which is likely. I have no faith in the run game of either team, even with Ingram returning. Both teams have good run defenses.

It will be a close one that’s for sure. Hoping they don’t leave Norman on his own with MT, i guess with no real threat from the other Saints WRs the can most likely double him all night maybe triple in the situations that need. Still he’ll get his MT is a beast!
But yes in standard with 4pt passing TDs I’m nervous and would have likely more of a cushion so we’ll see how it goes!

My loss will likely be due to Crosby’s -1.5 points too.


See told you we’d be fine @arshagarbon lol
What a week for Kamara and MT to be quiet when the Saints offense was on fire. Luckily MT had a quiet game, Brees was going nuts but it wasn’t a close win for me in the end thankfully

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My opponent had Brees and Jordan Reed going into MNF and I had a 38 point lead. Standard scoring. Brees almost got me but thankfully Reed let him down so I won by 2.80 points to go 4-1 even with Baldwin stinking the place up!
@James89 I think we may have similar drafted teams based on some of your questions and comments in other threads lol


@thedave16 that’s a close one! Haha possibly yes, I did start the season with all the headaches Baldwin, Fournette, Reed, Josh Gordon and Cook… Managed to move Gordon, Fournette, Reed in different pakage trades to Green, Gronk and Mixon. Just flipped Yeldon into Landry as well to the fully tilting Ajayi owner so glad i got all these done early otherwise my team would be in dire straights right now!