Monday Night Heart Attack

I’m still alive! Started the season 1-8. Won 2 in a row including tonight against my brother (who’s sitting in the 6th playoff spot and playing the #1 team in our league next week) coming in up 44 against Hunt and Cooks. Won by 4. I’m 1 game out of the final playoff spot with 2 games left. Like the boys always say never give up on that #footclantitle

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My league is super tight with spots 4-8 seperated by 2 wins with 2 weeks left. I am 5-6 playing another 5-6 player, and play the 3rd place player week 13.
gunna need a big win or some help from some key losses. i was literally the browns at one point (1-5 having lost 4 of the games by 16pts> total) and now have a shot at a playoff run

I was 8-2 playing 2nd place 7-3 team.

Lost when all my guys pretty much sucked (Ertz lowest output of year, Conner 2nd worst output of year, Gurley worst output of year, Chargers 2nd worst output of the year) and he had big days out of Brees and Zeke.

So now we are both 8-3 and I’ve got him in points.

Good news is two of the other top teams fell to 7-4 and 6-5 based on some things that happened in the MNF game. One guy had Hill going against Mahomes-Hunt and pulled out the win. Another was down 20 and had Kelce and pulled out the win in these two upsets. It’s still wide open.

one guy basically has his 1st round bye settled in our league. 2 guys battling for the other spot. 5 battling for spots 3-6.
and then spots 9-10 officially eliminated

gunna get crazy down the stretch in a lot of leagues