Monday Night Miracle of all-time?

I need a Jamaal Charles kind of night from Ekeler tonight. Was up against Tyreek, and it would be insane for Austin to go over 55 and get me exactly 60 points tonight. What are the top 5 Monday Night Miracles of all-time?

Since he generally doesn’t do goal line carries id say the odds are very against you. If you have a few players playing maybe…

I’m down by 14. I have Ekeler and Mike Williams vs his Keenan Allen in a 1/2 pt PPR.

I’m 2-1 and he’s in 1st at 3-0. I’d guess my chances are 50/50 at best.

I like your chances tonight, but it was will definitely be close. By no means was I suggesting that Austin Ekeler would have the best game ever recorded for Fantasy Football!!! But one can dream, right?

I had a Monday Night Miracle just tonight. I was down by 0.9 points in half-PPR with only Mike Williams to go. I needed him to get at least 1 catch for 4 yards, but I wasn’t holding my breath–and then, somehow, that last catch of his put him up to 1.6 for the game, and I won by 0.7!!!

Yes, Axe Elf; there IS a Santa Claus!