Monday Night Miracle to Monday Nightmare

I went into this game needing 12 points from my kicker, Mike Nugent. a semi large task you might think, but nevertheless I had faith he could do it and propel me to a ripe ol 2-5. However never in my fantasy life did I think I would be screwed by Belichick this hard, I was down 6 points going into the 4th quarter and I really thought I had it just 2 or 3 more drives to the other side of the field and Im golden. Pats go 4th down around the 35 or so I’m getting ready to see if Nugent can make a long one for me------ Wait, What, Why are we punting from inside our opponents 40? After that I gave up and turned my laptop off and started cleaning up while watching on and by golly gee that man William Belichick did it again. He punted from inside the 40 again albeit reluctantly as he tried to take two penalties but Gase was having none of that. So William not taking two opportunities to kick field goals has ruined my chances of salvaging a win this week as I fall to 1-6 and contemplate everything I know about Fantasy. Oh I started Henry over Waller so that didn’t help the brand either.