Monday Night Miracles

Who else needs a miracle tonight?
I’m down by 39.2 with my Stafford and Kupp going up against Higbee and the 49ers Def in a full ppr league
please share what miracle you need tonight

Up 5, I have Aiyuk and facing Rams D who start with 20 pts… full ppr

I am down by 28.90 pts (99.10 to 128.00). I’l

I have Mitchell and Deebo. My opponent has Henderson and Rams D.

I need another Rams performance like last week for my super-ultra-mega miracle.

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20 points seems a little aggressive for a def is it normal scoring for the D otherwise?

Well the Rams look like ass and I hope you guys won cause I sure didn’t :frowning:

I was sooo close. Lost by a point.