Money Dynasty Startup League

The league is on the Sleeper platform. My username is @bradikal36

It is a 12 team, ppr league with superflex, and half point TE reception bonus. NO KICKERS. NO DEFENSE.

Buy in is $150 for 3 seasons. No refunds.

Payout each year is
1st $400
2nd $150
3rd $50.

If voted upon by the league to start the season, the last place person must do a punishment. If they do not even attempt to perform the punishment, they will be kicked and replaced.

Trash talking is permitted as long as done respectfully and kindly, but if things become personal and disrespectful you will be asked to stop. If you do not stop you will be kicked out and replaced.

Come join and test your skills at negotiating, taking risks, and enjoy the fantasy competition.

Members needed.