Money League Draft Feedback

12 Team. Full PPR. $1,000 for first place (with a lot of other bonus payouts).

QB: Hurts, Lance
RB: J.Taylor, A.Gibson, D.Montgomery, D.Harris, Chubba Hubbard (last pick)
WR: A.Robinson, C.Godwin, L.Shenault, C.Davis, J.Meyers
TE: Gronk (a run of TE2s went off the board before I got mine :sweat_smile:)

Thoughts? I love my RBs… and I think I’m good enough at WR. TE is a weakness. Higbee went as a TE2 literally 2 picks before I was going to take him. Gronk was the only viable option left. Most teams opted for 2 TEs while I went 2 QB.

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I don’t think you’ll be having to worry about that.

Why din’t you draft a starting QB? Why din’t you draft a RB1? Why din’t you draft a WR1? Why din’t you draft a TE1?

Did you pick all of your players after all the other teams had drafted theirs or something?

Dam bruh relax. Its not that serious


I actually think your Rbs are pretty solid. From the looks of things U went rb with 3 out 4 of your first picks. Allen Robinson is solid and godwin could hit.

I like the Lance pick because of his upside. Im a little low on Hurts rn just because they just traded for Minshew but there are some qbs that are still on waivers that are solid options most likely

Your bench could use a little work but there’s always Waiver

Im curious what rbs you have ranked ahead of Jonathan Taylor and Antonio Gibson to say that he doesn’t have a single Rb 1.

Derrick Henry
Ezekiel Elliott
Christian McCaffery
Dalvin Cook
Aaron Jones
Alvin Kamara
Najee Harris
Saquon Barkley
Joe Mixon
Chris Carson
Nick Chubb
Possibly Ekeler
Mike Davis will be close.

Carson and davis im not drafting ahead of either Taylor or Gibson.

Based on that logic you would be drafting Carson and Davis right around the turn which would be hysterical.

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Of course you don’t draft them ahead of Taylor and Gibson, that would be stupid. You draft them where you can get them, and smugly realize that you’re getting better draft value than those picks a couple of rounds earlier.

Just because C.J. Uzomah was the TE5 in PPR points per game last season doesn’t mean I draft him in Round 6. I get him in a place that most people don’t look for a top 10 TE–the last round.

I didn’t think you were asking for a draft order ranking; I thought you wanted me to rank them in order of production.

I would look for someone at TE on the waiver wire if you have a spot. Is Everett available aorta Big Irv Smith maybe even Engram or Ertz. Gronk will get you a score, but I would bet not every week and definitely not there as a volume guy, but hey I drafted Taylor third over a long list of guys ranked better :slight_smile:

Irv Smith, Jr. is expected to have meniscus surgery that will cause him to miss at least the start of the regular season, so I can’t recommend him at this point.

Open your eyes

kid said Carson and Davis :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

I like a lot of your team. Taylor and Gibson both have top 5 potential in my opinion. Robinson and Godwin have a chance at low-end WR1s, and I think Shenault and Davis should be WR1s for there team so I think they could have upside also.

TE seems the weakest position, but I think it’s a strong team.

Yeah I like the potential of this team… it definitely has weaknesses (TE and potentially QB)… My target QBs and TEs all got sniped just before I wanted to take them. I plan on likely steaming TE. QB I went with the Lance upside with Hurts as a temporary starter… if it doesn’t work out I’ll just stream the position like I do most years lol. I’m not sure where all this late draft season hate has come from for JT… Wentz and Nelson are both trending towards playing week 1 but JT has just been falling in drafts ever since the injury news to those guys initially broke. You can argue for Mixon over Gibson but as someone who owned Mixon 4 straight years, no thanks. And I think ARob could have a career year.

Maybe I can help you with that. I think the injury to Wentz just caused people to look more closely at the situation and see past the eye-popping stats he put up at the end of last year for what they are. Once people realized that he will now be sharing the backfield with a returning 2-time 1000 yard rusher, as well as another RB who gets all the passing downs–AND that he won’t be playing teams that have given up all season like he did when he was posting those eye-popping stats at the end of last year against Houston (twice), Las Vegas and Jacksonville–he began to be drafted more like the RB2 he will be in 2021.

Especially with the Colts starting the season with 6 of their first 8 games against a murderer’s row of top run defenses… Well, if JT is a RB1 after Week 8, you can talk to me then.

1.) Wilkins was a thing the majority of last year. On the season, JT received ~56% of the RB carries and only ~51% of all RB opportunities… JT also had 39 receptions, which isn’t super impressive, but is nothing to sneeze at in PPR… Obviously Hines gets more passing work but not “all” of it. I expect JT’s role to expand this year as a whole. Obviously I’m not expecting the workload or fantasy production he had towards the end of the year (he’d be a top 3 or 4 pick if that were the case), but 60% of the total opportunities averaged out across the entire season is well within reason… Also, he’s been a healthy scratch all preseason. I personally don’t think they’d treat him like the golden goose if he was set to just be a role-player alongside Mack and Hines… Again, I expect those guys to have roles… but I expect JT to be the clear and obviously lead back.

2.) JT could’ve scored 45 less fantasy points (full PPR) last year and still finished as an RB1… Even if you include injured players and their FPPG averages, he still makes the RB1 list ahead of guys like Mixon, Ekeler, Carson, Davis, etc… Saying he can’t be an RB1 this year just seems like a losing bet IMO.

3.) I’m not seeing this “Murderer’s Row of top Run Ds” in the first half…
LAR, BAL, SF = Tough
MIA = Middle of the pack
SEA, TEN(x2), HOU = cake
The second half seems like more of the same with a couple rough matchups mixed up with some cakewalks… Not a bad schedule as a whole (based on Def projections which are never totally accurate mind you).

I guess we’ll just have to talk in a few weeks because obviously we have entirely different outlooks on certain players.

You said you were using “Defensive Projections” which are subjective and conjured out of thin air. I’m using rushing yards allowed in 2020 as my yardstick.

10 of the Colts’ 2021 opponents (and their 2020 run defense ranks) are Tampa Bay (1), the Rams (3), Seattle (5), San Francisco (7), Baltimore (8), the Jets (12), Miami (16), Buffalo (17) and Tennessee twice (19). Only Tampa Bay and Buffalo are after Week 9. Well, New England, too, but I didn’t list them because they weren’t among last year’s top 20 run defenses–but they could be a lot better this year when they get back the half of their defense that opted out last year.

What are you willing to risk? Though granted, he would have a chance of sneaking in as a low-end RB1 in a 12 team league or larger. I just don’t think he’s top 10; and probly more like RB15.

Defensive projections are based on previous production in conjunction with changes to personnel… I’ll give you that projections aren’t totally reliable, but that’s because “defensive production carry-over” is even less reliable lol. I don’t pour too much value into SOS for those reasons, but it’s still worth noting that the “expert” consensus is that JT’s SOS is very positive. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one I guess. :man_shrugging:

I don’t mind if people disagree, but if it keeps just one person from repeating your error, it was all worth it.

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Wow! This guy is 100% right. I’d better take his advice. The Ballers should hire him.