Money league just started looking to fill

Started my 3rd money league today 12 team PPR is format. Hoping to have draft this weekend or before next thursday obviously. buy in 25-50 with 5-10 dollar weekly bonus for highest score. If interested comment your sleeper ID or add me fantasyginger thanks and happy drafting


Samoto77 let me know!

Just sent request

Sleeper Name: Britton2395. More than happy to do the $50 buy-in.

I’d love to do the 50 dollar buy in


I’d love to join

sleeper: searing

Sounds fun
CLTconnection on sleeper

ssonir07 on sleeper! would be super glad to join!

im down stevenP1991 is my sleeper

I’d love to join! Sleeper ID is amerika108

@davoogs if you still have room!