Money Leagues vs Free Leagues?

Hello #FootClan Members,

I believe most #FootClan members are as passionate about fantasy football, as I am. I have been seeing lately that free fantasy football leagues have been filling up faster than money leagues but are free leagues just as competitive as money leagues? Or are free leagues lacking the drive to win because there isn’t a reward at the end? Personally, I believe both free and money leagues are competitive because I am a passionate person when it comes to winning. What are everyone thoughts on this?



P.S. looking to create my own keeper league and wanting to know what type of league I should make it.

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I’d be lying if I said having money on the line doesn’t affect intensity, but ultimately I’m just as competitive in either. Only reason I prefer my money league is because I know everyone is as motivated to stay active as I am. If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in a strong league, though, money shouldn’t matter.

I’m only in one money league myself — the rest are free. In terms of joining new leagues, though, I would have to feel very comfortable with the integrity of the commish before I agreed to put money on the line. That’s why I only join free leagues. It’s a trust thing, and I don’t want to have to oversee every little action in a league to know there’s no corruption. Money makes people greedy and when you couple that with the fact that nobody likes losing, you risk losing all the fun.

So, ya… It has its Pros and Cons. At the end of the day, though, I’d rather be in a highly competitive free league than a non-competitive money league. It’s all about bragging rights, anyways.

As @Ricky87 said, it’s pretty much all about bragging rights, even when there’s a little cash on the line. (Now if you’re talking BIG money…could be a whole different story) Our league has been free up to this point, but have been mulling over the idea of going small money this season for the exact reason @Ricky87 mentioned. Tends to keep members a little more motivated when the going gets a tab bit tough.

Right now we’re 10 team and only talking about $20 a pop. But hey…$200 buck is $200 bucks. Not too worried about trusting the commish or other members. Commish is my son and got a few other family members and good friends in the mix here. LOL

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I guess you can trust your son lol. With unfamiliar leagues, though, I’m just cautious. I’ve heard horror stories. I’m my money league, though, it’s been good! It’s $50 per person, but this is going to be my 4th year and so far it’s kept things competitive. Especially once we switched to dynasty. There are a few guys who tap out towards the end, but they pay up all the same.

Yeah I hear ya on that. Can’t be too careful when there’s money on the line with folks you’re not 100% sure of. And even then…sometimes those you’re even reasonably sure of and think would never throw you over will be the first ones.

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My pride is worth more than any money I have down. So therefore when I play in a money league, the winnings are simply a bonus on top of destroying my league mates and shaming them for the following 365. I know everyone doesn’t view it the way I do. I play the GAME for FUN, and I also play to win, regardless of the circumstances. When people brag about winning their office money league, but placed 9th in their “fun league” with their beer buddies, what I hear is that their office league must be filled with know-nothing low life’s who suck at fantasy football.