Mongomery + Hyde for Fournette?

12 team ppr

Fournette owner has CMC (bye week) and McCoy, that’s it at RB.

He’s sitting 5-1, but practically no RB depth (McCoy isn’t great, lucky to get 10 points)

Think this is an offer worth making?

Other trade consideration is Hyde + Terry (maybe + H Henry if he needs, I have Kittle) for Bell

Don’t think either of those is getting accepted. Fournette has been a stud and Montgomery has been disappointing and Hyde has had 1 good week.

I’m just thinking the 2 rbs, who put up atleast 10+ points a game, may be worth Fournette, because he has no depth, and this week with CMC out he needs another RB.

The Bell trade I’m banking on Bell’s mediocre performances of late vs Hyde’s surge (getting better every week) plus Terry being incredible. Recent memory plays into some people’s value, and Hyde + Terry each having 20+ point games last week should help.

He’s also week at TE, so offering Henry gives me leverage