Monster Dynasty trade for AB. thoughts?

0.5ppr…In win now mode and the trade would look like this

My 2019 +2020 first round rookie picks, 2.08 and 2.12 of this years rookie draft and donte moncrief for AB only

Is it worth it? 29yo and an aging QB and the possibility of losing lev next year

Starters currently:
Qb: wentz
rb1: gurley
rb2: mixon
wr1: jeffrey
wr2: baldwin
wr3: fitz
flex: t. coleman
flex: m. bryant
te: burton/brate


If you’re only goal is win now then why not?
Like to see what you have on the bench.
Curious about what your 1st rounder is this year, is it the 1.08 or the 1.12?

my notable bench playes:
alex collins
curtis samuel
malcolm mitchell

My rookie pick was 1.12 but i traded that and doctson for t coleman and 2.08

Ahhh, I misread the 2019 as this year.

Hang on to Collins, Lamar Jackson gets on the field he’ll be top 10.

Kenny G could be a gem but I fear that all the WR talent is old or high risk (Bryant). If you do this trade, you better start throwing darts at high upside low cost guys. Think if you hold on to one of those 2nd rounders you have a shot at Anthony Miller or another high upside rookie wr?

I see you strong for a year and then if a few dominoes fall wrong you’re screwed at wr with no capital to get new ones.

yeah i think ill be able to make a few moves before antonio, alshon, and doug are completely washed. That is a big concern of mine tho.

If i do well this season and next were talking about a very late round 1. so i think im getting value in AB in this trade

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f you have AB along with who you already have, i think you can compete for a championship for the next few years. It’s tough because you need more depth, but at some point trade some guys away for more picks. I’d do it

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So the real value in question is AB over Bryant/Coleman this year (one of them replaces Fitz after he retires because you have crippled your next drafts)… I think your giving too much away. Bargain to keep your 2020 first rounder (try to make it a later 2020 round pick).


that is a lot to give, and AB does not have good stats without Ben. That to me is a red flag because AB should ball regardless, but history does not show that. However, it was also not with practice with a given starter QB, so chemistry is definitely a consideration. But that looks right for AB. I would see if the guy will relent on your 2.12 but add in Enunwa or Demarco.

Alternately, I would immediately float Jeffrey/Fitz/Bryant to some teams to see if you can get a bit of draft capital or solid youth back in. For dynasty, only Jeffrey in that list is a concern to me to lose, but AB definitely better than Jeffrey so you are not really losing out there in your starting line-up. And if Jeffrey gets you pieces / picks back, it makes the trade for AB even better. Keeping Jeffrey definitely ups your win-now chances thereby pushing down the value of 2019 first, but you will need some better new blood at WR IMHO. RB looks just fine for the next couple years.

In the end, though, I think do it. As @Boiler13 says why not? It is only a game after all and playing with AB on roster is likely pretty good :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps some!

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