Monster trade, need advice

12 Team 1st year dynasty 0.5ppr superflex
1QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, 2flex, 1superflex
I’d be getting Hopkins, Mark Ingram, Ito Smith, Dalton
Dalvin Cook, Melvin Gordon, Justin Jackson

I’m also carrying Freeman (hence Ito’s inclusion), Josh Jacobs, Matt Brieda,
Sam Darnold, and Josh Allen
JuJu, Kenny G, Robert Woods

I like that I’m getting the best player in the trade, but does this compromise my RB’s going forward? Or does it matter because I’d have the 1-2 punch of Hopkins and JuJu?

He has James Connor as well, who I was initially angling for. What if I were to try and swap him in for Ingram by offering Woods?

This deal essentially is Gordon and Cook for Hopkins and that seems quite an over pay for dynasty. Ingram has Hill/Edwards/Dixon, Ito who knows what he will be and Dalton is a who knows for me.

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Yeah Ito is a throw in, and I’m concerned Dalton and Ingram are one year players at this point, maybe at best.

I’d prefer moving a Woods/Cook for a Hopkins vs losing 2 possible RB1s for a WR1 albeit arguably the best WR. Everything else in the deal is distraction to make it not look like an over pay to me. Hell, I’d even consider Jacobs and Cook for Hopkins and a sweetner… if I kept Gordon.

Hopkins and Ito for a Jacobs/Cook I’d push, if Ito is of interest. Don’t sell low of Gordon and that’s what this deal is

Yeah when you break it down that way you’re definitely right.
Thanks for the input man, appreciate it.

Not a problem… we want those of us here to dominate our leagues :wink:

Haha damn right.
Where are you on David Montgomery? Someone else offered him and Cooper Kupp for MG, but I’m not sure I would want to ride with 2 unproven RB’s.

If I knew Kupp was good to go… I’d be tempted. I actually like Montgomery best in this draft especially landing in ChiTown. If I was dealing MG… I’d take Montgomery, Kupp and a sweetner since I’d be gambling on a rookie rb and a WR off injury. Maybe a future high pick even. Gordon is a stud, but dynasty can’t over look the upside of Montgomery and Kupp

I’d be a little jammed at WR too it feels like. Having too many good players and not enough great players.

Yeah… that’s always the trap spot. If I could land Nuk for some combo of Cook/Jacobs/Woods/Galloday I would. Then maybe see what Montgomery would cost

Yeah hes pretty dead set on Gordon and Cook, so it’s not going to happen lol

Yeah… WR aren’t that hateful for that kind of over pay