Monster Trade option

I said recently I was done trading, but I just looked at something and can’t believe no one has tried to capitalize on this yet…

My brother is 4-6, same as me. He is decimated at RB: Carson, Henderson, Jordan Howard (no idea why he hasn’t dropped him), but he’s stacked at WR: Tyreek, Julio, Thielen, Kupp, Samuel. He also has Kyler.

So I’m thinking of a ridiculous trade to acquire Kyler and Tyreek by giving up CEH, Drake, DJ Moore, and Matt Ryan. This will replace his players I’m taking and give him two start-worthy RBs (could also substitute David and Duke Johnson for Drake)

This would still leave me with J Rob, Sanders, Ekeler (who might return next week), and either Drake or the Houston Johnsons at RB. I would have Golladay, Tyreek, Diontae, Jakobi, Woods, and Pittman at WR. And of course, I’d have Kyler to FINALLY replace what I lost in Dak.

Normally no player would take this offer, or at least I don’t think I would. But the waiver is a wasteland for RBs and he literally only has one he can start right now. And I wouldn’t be confident starting Henderson.

Should I try to capitalize on this? The issue is that there is a 24 hour review on trades and, as the commissioner of my league, I can’t circumvent that without it looking REALLY shady. So I’m thinking of trying this next week.

Bump. After Drakes game tonight, it will definitely be time to shop him. I definitely want to go after Tyreek at least. If I can win this week and go 5-6, make the trade for Tyreek, and get both Golladay and Ekeler back next week, I could seriously turn it around.