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Montgomery and Fitz for Dez Bryant and Mixon


What do you reckon of the trade above. Which side would you rather rest of season.

I like the extra week rather than byes and hopefully getting value from rodger-less Monty and depreciating fitz but am I trading down for both.

Qb wentz
Rb hunt martin Freeman Monty a.jones
Wr Baldwin Evans theilen Cooper fitzgerald
Te gronk graham


I would stay away from acquiring any GB players for at least a week. Lets see how they turn out with Huntley


Im the one trading away Montgomery. Would you trade away or keep hold and wait and see


Doesn’t Peterson’s emergence open things up for Fitz?


Possibly although it was a bit if an odd game as cardinals won’t be up 31-0 and be able to run non stop every week. So I’m kind of on the fence but feel he won’t be able to continue like this all season


Oh ok. Yes, I would do the trade. Go for it


I’m 4-2 and joint top of the league so could conceivably wait a couple of weeks to see if Montgomery is worth anything without Rodgers and post broken ribs. Although am I risking too much if he’s worth nothing


Honestly I’d make the trade Montgomery might end up in a committee with Aaron jones. I just traded tyreek hill for dez. I feel dez and mixon offer more upside than Montgomery who could get hurt again or be stuck sharing carries in a struggling offense


I would want to fall on the Dez and Mixon side of that trade. TY mont and AJ could def end up in a rbbc. No telling how long TY rib injury will hamper him. Mixon on the way up. Dez the better wr imo.


And boy did we see that take effect already!


Thanks guys I took the trade :slight_smile:

What should I do with Jones?
I’m deep so I could stash and wait and see or I could waiver him for AP/derrick Henry/mcfadden or watkins and pryor after they were dropped.